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AESS Assessment Workshops

Administrative, Educational and Student Support (AESS) workshops are designed to educate, inform and help participants acquire the knowledge and skills needed to engage in annual assessment and periodic unit review.

Spring 2021

March 23, 2021

Ingredients of a Successful Unit Assessment

PowerPoint Slides 3/23/21

Workshop Recording 3/23/21

Workshop Evaluation Report

April 6, 2021

Celebrating Assessment

Presentation 4/6/21

Recording 4/6/21

Fall 2020

August 25, 2020

AESS Assessment: Operationalizing the Strategic Plan (Online workshop)

PowerPoint Slides 8/25/20

Workshop Recording 8/25/20

Assessment Plan Template

Workshop Evaluation Report 8/25/20

Spring 2020

February 5, 2020

Assessment in Action

PowerPoint Slides 2/5/2020

Workshop Evaluation Report 2/5/2020

Fall 2019

September 5, 2019An Assessment Refresher & Q&A:
Your Assessment Questions Answered

PowerPoint Slides 9/5/2019

Workshop Evaluation Report 9/5/19

October 30, 2019Recipe for Creating AESS Unit Assessment Plans

PowerPoint Slides 10/30/19

Activity Worksheet 10/30/19

Workshop Evaluation Report 10/30/19

Fall 2018

11/15/2018AESS Unit Assessment: Find Out How Effective You Really Are

Agenda 11/15/2018

PowerPoint slides 11/15/2018

Pre Post Survey Results 11/15/2018 

Assessment Activity Worksheet 11/15/18

10/16/2018AESS Annual Assessment Process

Agenda 10/16/2018

PowerPoint slides 10/16/2018

Assessment Exercise Worksheet 10/16/2018 

Workshop Evaluation Summary 10/16/18

Workshop Poll Results 10/16/2018

8/16/2018Operational Unit Assessment: An Overview*

PowerPoint slides 8/16/2018

8/07/2018Operational Unit Assessment Process & Overview of Comprehensive Unit Review*

PowerPoint slides 8/7/2018

Assessment Planning 8/7/2018 

 *Administrative, Educational and Student Support Units were formerly known as Operational Units.