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Jones, Vincent

Jones, Vincent

Curriculum Vitae
Director of the Health Promotion Center
Assistant Professor
Health and Human Performance

Phone: 718-262-5109
Office Location: HP-207

Office Hours  
Tuesday  10:00 AM - 12:00 PM 
Wednesday  5:00 PM - 6:00 PM 


Degree Institution Field Dates
EdD  Columbia University  Health Education  2020 
MA  Columbia University  Sociology and Education, Policy Focus  2014 
BA  Middlebury College  Sociology/Anthropology   
Dr. Jones' research aims to improve health outcomes for vulnerable populations, namely sexual minorities, sufferers of prolonged grief, and emerging adults on mobile dating platforms. They also investigate health information seeking behavior of college students, which is especially important due to information-inconsistencies during a time when personal independence and concurrent personal health decision making may be increased. Jones directs the Heath Promotion Center at York that not only functions as a collaborative research hub, but also serves the greater York College community with lectures and referrals to health services.

Areas of Expertise

Health on mobile dating apps, sexual minority health, health information-seeking behavior, prolonged grief disorder, e-health, needs assessments, spirituality/religion and health.

Articles in Field Of Expertise

Jones II, V., Kim, S., Mewani, A.H., Jacques, E.T., Ardouin-Guerrier, M., S., Huggins, S., Basch, C.H.. "Immigration Status as a Determinant of Health Information-Seeking Behavior among Undergraduates of Color at an Urban Commuter College (Accepted for Publication)." Journal of Community Health. 11/24/2021: 15.

Jacques, E.T., Basch, C.H., Fera, J., Jones II. "#StopAsianHate: A content analysis of TikTok videos focused on racial discrimination against Asians and Asian Americans during the COVID-19 Pandemic (Under Review)." Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health. 3/22/2022: 8.

Jones II, V., Essig, L.. "Bachelorette Parties in P-Town Often Destroy Safe Spaces for LGBTQ+ People." The Boston Globe. 8/8/2022: .

Jones II, V., Essig, L.. "Researchers warn bachelorette parties in Provincetown are destroying LGBTQ+ safe spaces." 8/8/2022: .

Presented Papers, Lectures, and Exhibitions and Performances

" Issues in Conducting International Research " November 2021: York College (CUNY).

" National Library of Medicine: What is a Vaccine? " December 2020: .

" Sexual Satisfaction, Well-Being, and Kink Roles and Behaviors among a Unique Sample in the US. " November 2019: Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality.

" Health Information-Seeking Behavior of Undergraduates " April 2021: York College (CUNY).

" Inconsistencies in Routine Infant Male Circumcision in the US. " November 2018: Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality.


GFM, Prolonged Grief Disorder and Therapeutics Research Project. August 2021-Present: $2410.

City University of New York (CUNY), Prolonged Grief Disorder and Therapeutics Research Project. May 2021: $1940.

Ali Donor's Trust, Health Promotion Center. March 2020: $1000.

Teachers College, Columbia University, Presentation at Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality. November 2018: $980.

PSC-CUNY Enhanced Grant, Needs Assessment: Mobile Dating Apps, Health Education and Efficacy to Respond to Electronic Dating Violence. July 1, 2022: $12,000.

Mellon Foundation and CUNY Black Race and Ethnic Studies Initiative, Health Education and Efficacy to Respond to Violence and other Negative Experiences on Dating Apps Among People of Color and Sexual Minorities: A Qualitative Study. September 1, 2022-July 30, 2023: $10,000.