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Inayatulla, Shereen

Inayatulla, Shereen

Associate Professor

Phone: 718-262-5187
Office Location: AC-2A13B

Office Hours  
Wednesdays (via Zoom)  3:00-5:00pm 


Degree Institution Field Dates
PhD  University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee  English: Composition & Rhetoric   
MA  University of Windsor  English: Literature & Creative Writing   
BA  University of Manitoba  English: Literature   
Shereen Inayatulla (pronouns she/her/hers) specializes in Composition and Rhetoric. She has taught writing in a variety of international contexts, and her research areas include critical pedagogy, literacy studies, queer and postcolonial feminist theories, and autoethnography. Dr. Inayatulla has presented papers at the Conference on College Composition and Communication, the Feminism(s) and Rhetoric(s) Conference, and the Thomas R. Watson Conference. Her work has appeared in creative and peer reviewed journals including the Journal of Basic Writing, The Writing Instructor, and the Journal of Lesbian Studies.

Areas of Expertise

Critical Literacy and Autoethnography
Gender and Queer Studies
Queer Theory

Books in Field Of Expertise

Articles in Field Of Expertise

S. Inayatulla and H. Robinson. "'Backwards and in High Heels': The invisibility and underrepresentation of fem(me)inist administrative labor in academia." Administrative Theory & Praxis. 42.2 September 2019 (online): 212-232.

S. Inayatulla and A. Silva. "A Conversation Rewound: Queer and Racialized Temporalities in Hamilton." Hamilton: A Special Issue of Studies in Musical Theatre. 12.2 July 2018: 265-271.

A. Silva and S. Inayatulla. "Who Tells Our Story: Intersectional Temporalities in Hamilton, An American Musical." Changing English. 24.2 July 2017: 190-201.

S. Inayatulla. "Brown Queer Compositionistas and the Reflective Practice of Automythnography." Journal of Lesbian Studies (Special Issue). 21.4 September 2016: 453-464.

S. Inayatulla. "A Revolving Closet Door: Reflections on “Queerbrown” Teacher Identity." The Writing Instructor (special issue: Queer and Now). March 2015: n.pag..

S. Inayatulla. "Beyond the Dark Closet: Reconsidering Literacy Narratives as Performative Artifacts." Journal of Basic Writing. 32.2 Fall 2013 (Release Date: December 2015): 5-27.

Chapters in Field Of Expertise

S. Inayatulla. "Literate Vixens and Shameless Hijabis: An Autoethnography." Self+Culture+Writing:Autoethnography for/as Writing Studies. 2021: 45-56.

S. Inayatulla and M. MacDonald. "Sans Papiers: Humanizing Documentation." Literacy in an Age of Misinformation and Disinformation. March 2021: 225-241.

Presented Papers, Lectures, and Exhibitions and Performances

" Sustaining Institutional Change and Antiracist Work as Writing Teachers and Administrators " forthcoming Spring 2022: Conference on College Composition and Communication.

" Sans Papiers: Census Rhetorics and the Right Not to Be Counted " forthcoming Spring 2022: Conference on College Composition and Communication.

" Taking Action for Anti-Racist Workplaces: Developing Bystander Training for Writing Teachers and WPAs " April 2021: Conference on College Composition and Communication.

" Panel Moderator: Black Studies and Systematic Globalism " April 2019: New York African Studies Association Conference, York College.

" Intersectionality and LGBTQ Communities " April 2019: Stonewall’s 50th Anniversary Interactive Discussion, Queens College.

" Panel Moderator: Reflections on Co-Requisite Implementation: Best Practices/Pedagogies " April 2019: Restructuring First-Year Writing at CUNY: Access and Equity in the 21st Century Conference, New York City College of Technology.

" Indie Theorists and Pedagogies of Affirmation " March 2019: CUNY Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Conference.

" Punch Out, Don’t ‘Lean In’: Problematizing and Rewriting CUNY’s Vexed ‘Diversity’ Narratives " March 2019: CUNY Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Conference.

" Pride Video: CUNY Celebrates Stonewall 50 " March 2019: Interviewee for video broadcast at Queens College.

" Panel Moderator: Transgender Rights and Gender Fluidity ‘Virtual Reality' " November 2018: LGBTQ+ Symposium, York College.

" DIY Theorists: Student production of critical theory " October 2018: Thomas R. Watson Conference.

" ‘Backwards and in High Heels’: The invisibility and underrepresentation of femme(inist) administrative labor in academia. " April 2018: Critical Pedagogies at CUNY: Learning Through Writing Conference.

" Film Talkback Moderator: Apple Juice by Afolami Fasanya " February 2018: African American Resource Center, York College.

" Queering LGBT Studies: CLAGS Panel and Workshop " February 2018: CLAGS Queer Pedagogies Network, York College.

" A Recursive Approach to Writing: First-year Composition and the WI Course Sequence " February 2018: Writing Across the Curriculum Colloquium, York College.

" STR8 Talk: Sexuality and Gender Acceptance Student Club, Panel Moderator " December 2017: York College students, faculty, and staff.

" Intersectional Queer Theories: Guest Lecture " November 2017: ENG 311: Critical Studies in English, York College, CUNY.

" Sans Papiers: Studying Citizenship and Documentation in the Writing Classroom " March 2017: Conference on College Composition and Communication.

" Autoethnographic Reflection for Antiracist Research and Teaching Practices " February 2017: CUNY Graduate Center "CompComm" Series.

" Teach-In: Panel to Discuss Immigration Ban " February 2017: York College African American Resource Center.

" Autoethnographic Reflection for Anti-Racist Classrooms " October 2016: Thomas R. Watson Conference.

" Writing Across the Curriculum at York College " January 2016: Long Island Business Institute Faculty Convocation.

" Queer Passing Narratives: Guest Lecture " April 2015: ENG 410: Senior Seminar: American Passing Narratives, York College, CUNY.

" Contact and Commodity: Teacher Practice in Transnational Contexts " March 2015: Conference on College Composition and Communication.

" Translingual Diversity: Autoethnographical Teaching Strategies " September 2014: University of Michigan-Dearborn Writing Program Faculty.

" Crafting Automythnography " March 2014: Conference on College Composition and Communication.

" Rethinking Undergraduate Research Writing " March 2014: York College Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

" Acquisition, Emancipation, Assimilation, and Loss: False Dichotomies in English Composition " April 2013: International Linguistics Association Conference, Kingsborough Community College.

" Read, Write, Assimilate: The Crises of Literacy Narratives in English Composition " March 2013: York College Provost's Lecture Series.

" Assess, Mark, Comment, or Correct: How to Respond Effectively to Student Writing " November 2012: York College Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

" Redressing Literacy Narratives in Composition " October 2012: York College Department of English.

" Plagiarism As Learning: The Role of Patchwriting in Pedagogy " May 2012: CUNY CUE Conference.

" Experiences Teaching Hybrid Writing 303 " April 2012: WRIT Faculty Professional Development Workshop.

" Addressing Homophobia and Homo-negativity in the Classroom " March 2012: York College Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

" Outfitting the Outcast: Writing Fishnet Femifestos from Our Dark, Queer Closets " October 2011: UCLA 13th Annual Queer Studies Conference.

" A Process as Product: Writing to Learn and Learning to Collaborate " May 2011: CUNY General Education Conference.

" Queer and Religious " April 2011: Columbia University Teach-In: Religion, Sexuality, and Gender Identity.

" Outfitting the Outcast: Sex Workers, Queer Femmes, and Fishnet Femifestos " April 2011: Conference on College Composition and Communication.

" Using Personal Narrative Writing in All Disciplines " March 2011: York College Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

" Grading and Assessment Practices " March 2011: Teaching Freshman Writing Seminar, York College Department of English.

" Redressing the Queer Closet. " March 2010: Conference on College Composition and Communication.

" Troubling Boundaries: Social Action and Composition. " March 2009: Conference on College Composition and Communication.

" Ain’t I An Indian? Queering, teaching and representing feminist selves in text. " March 2009: Conference on College Composition and Communication.

" Recomposing the Design Paradigm: Understanding the Critical Effects of ‘New Media. " October 2008: Watson Conference.

" Reflecting Queerly: Writing, Practicing, In/formation. " April 2008: Conference on College Composition and Communication.

" The Mudflap Girl Reads Queerly: Coming From and Bringing Out a Queer Feminist Approach. " October 2007: Feminism(s) and Rhetoric(s) Conference.

" Un/scripting Race in Composition Pedagogy. " March 2006: Conference on College Composition and Communication.

" Unapologetically Yours, The Open Letter as a Rhetorical Device in the Work of Gloria Anzaldúa and t.j. bryan. " October 2005: Feminism(s) and Rhetoric(s) Conference.

" Emerging Voices: Indo-Canadian Women Negotiate Hybridity. " Spring 2004: Minority Graduate Student Conference, University of Chicago; English Graduate Student Conference, York University (Toronto); Feminist Research Group Conference, University of Windsor.

Professional Honors, Prizes, Fellowships

York College Professor 201 Fellowship: Fall 2018 and Spring 2019.

Director's Award, York College Annual Student Research Day: Spring 2015.

PSC-CUNY Research Award: Summer 2014.

William Stewart Travel Award: Spring 2014.

Faculty Fellowship Publication Program: Spring 2013.

PSC-CUNY Research Award: July 2011.

Teaching Excellence Award, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: Spring 2010.

Chancellor’s Graduate Student Award, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: 2004-2006.

Other Professional Activities and Public Service

Editorial Review Board Member, Journal of Basic Writing: Summer 2020 to present.

Compositionists of Color in Queens Collective Creator/Organizer/Member: Winter 2018 to present.

Invited Reader/Reviewer, Opening Statements for Queens Court Trial: Spring 2017.

Completed Online/Hybrid Course Training: Spring 2011 to Fall 2011.