Bisla, Sundeep

Bisla, Sundeep

Curriculum Vitae

Associate Professor

Phone: 718-262-2480
Office Location: AC-2A09


Degree Institution Field Dates
PhD  University of Sydney  English  2000 
MA  Yale University  English  1994 
BA  Harvard University  English  1991 

Sundeep Bisla, Associate Professor of English, specializes in Nineteenth-Century British Literature and Literary Theory. 

My latest book, “Wilkie Collins and Copyright,” was published in 2013. It investigates Collins's difficulties with the iterability of the word. I am currently working on several projects: 1) a law and literature study entitled "Dipped in Inc.: Incorporating the Author in 18th-Century England"; 2) a literary theory book provisionally labeled "A Visual Primer for Deconstruction"; 3) a book on the pun and linguistic representation; and 4) a critique of Marx’s Kapital. I am also currently writing essays on Percy Shelley, Stoker, Conrad, and Woolf, and enjoy writing fiction in my spare time.

Books in Field Of Expertise

Bisla, Sundeep. Wilkie Collins and Copyright: Artistic Ownership in the Age of the Borderless Word. Columbus: Ohio State UP, 2013. .

Articles in Field Of Expertise

Bisla, Sundeep. "Over-Doing Things with Words in 1862: Pretense and Plain Truth in Wilkie Collins's 'No Name'." Victorian Literature and Culture. 38.1 2010: 1-19.

Bisla, Sundeep. "The Return of the Author: Privacy, Publication, the Mystery Novel, and 'The Moonstone'." Boundary 2. 29.1 2002: 177-222.

Bisla, Sundeep. "Copy-Book Morals: 'The Woman in White' and Publishing History." Dickens Studies Annual. 28 1999: 103-49.

Bisla, Sundeep. "Reading the Native Informant Reading: The Art of Passing on Empathy in 'Beloved'." Cultural Critique. 42 1999: 104-36.

Bisla, Sundeep. "The Manuscript as Writer's Estate: Sensation Fiction, Wilkie Collins's 'Basil,' and the Early-Victorian Copyright Act." Genre. 31.3-4 1998: 269-304.

Chapters in Field Of Expertise

Bisla, Sundeep. "The Ghost in the Machinal: De-/Re-contextualizing 'Daniel Deronda'." Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture: Essays in Honour of J. Hillis Miller. 2019: 25pp.

Reviews in Field Of Expertise

"Review of Clare Pettitt, 'Patent Inventions: Intellectual Property and the Victorian Novel'" Studies in the Novel 39.1 2007: 130-32.


Presented Papers, Lectures, and Exhibitions and Performances

" Unproductive Reproduction in the New Historicism's 'Daniel Deronda' " November 9, 2016: CUNY Victorian Research Seminar, Graduate Center.

" A New Model for Textual Repetition: Moving Beyond the Original vs. Copy Paradigm " November 14, 2011: Works in Progress Series, English Department, York College.

" From Room to Moor, Flinging It out of Doors: Wuthering Heights and the Education of the Good Global Citizen " November 13, 2010: North American Victorian Studies Association (NAVSA) conference.

" The Vampirism of the Sign: Textual Repetition in 'Dracula' " October 6, 2009: CUNY Victorian Research Seminar, CUNY Graduate Center.

" Don’t Wait for the Writing Center: Strategies for doing sentence-level work in the classroom (co-presented with Heather Robinson) " March 5, 2009: York College Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

" Imitation and Genre Insubordination in Wilkie Collins’s No Name " February 2, 2005: CUNY Victorian Research Seminar, CUNY Graduate Center.

" Becoming a Monetary Identity: The Legal Understanding of Authorship " April 24, 2003: Presented in “The Boundaries of Writing and Philosophy” Lecture Series, Creative Writing Program, Columbia University.