Feliciano, Omar

Feliciano, Omar

Curriculum Vitae

College Laboratory Technician

Phone: 718-262-2296
Office Location: AC-4E10

Hi, my name is Omar Feliciano & I am a fellow “Yorkie” this semester I will be working for York College’s Biology department as a Certified Laboratory Technician applying many of the laboratory techniques I was taught & learned here at York College. During my time as a student I conducted research in the laboratory of Dr. Anne Simon, where I learned basic husbandry skills, how to make fly food, genetic crosses, & how to test Drosophila melanogaster on behavioral assays: 1) The overexpression and under expression of Vesicular Monoamine Transporter (VMAT) & its affects on social behavior of the fruit fly 2) Spacing & distributing of fruit flies & the affect of overcrowding or under crowding during social assays. My past time & hobby outside of the campus lay very far from the sciences I play guitar in an alternative rock band named The Phoenix Within, you can check out the online page for a free copy of our album or to view our music video. (https://www.facebook.com/PhoenixWithin)

Areas of Expertise

Maintain appropriate safety and hygiene standards of laboratory
Maintain required documentation related to laboratory activities
Manage equipment & material inventories