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Alcindor, Magalie

Alcindor, Magalie

Curriculum Vitae

Assistant Professor

Phone: 718-262-2677
Office Location: AC-SC110


Degree Institution Field Dates
PhD  Capella University  Nursing Education  2017 
MS  Lehman College  Pediatric Nurse Practitioner  2000 
BS  SUNY Health Science Center  Registered Nurse Program  1990 
Dr. Magalie Alcindor a practicing Registered Nurse Practitioner in the state of New York, currently holding the title of an Assistant Professor. I hold a Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degree in Nursing, specializing in Nursing Education. My primary research areas include; "Perception of Learning of Haitian Nursing Students in a U.S. Nursing Program". I have experience in teaching in both the classroom and clinical setting. I have worked as a Pediatric Registered Nurse in the hospital settings and as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in the clinical settings. In the role of the Nurse Practitioner I performed physicals on well children as well as care for children with a variety of illnesses. I also mentored graduate Nurse Practitioner students. I am also engaged in working with a physician to provide treatment for Opioid, Alcohol, and Smoking Addicted adults at My goal is to transform minds.

Areas of Expertise

Nursing Education
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Articles in Field Of Expertise

Alcindor, M. (Commentary). "Effects of prenatal exposure to maternal COVID-19 and prenatal care on neonatal outcome: results from the INTERCOVID Multinational Cohort Study." Evidence Based Nursing. Sept. 2022: .

Alcindor, M. (Commentary). "Experiences of transgender people reviewing their electronic records, a qualitative study." Evidence Based Nursing. August 2022: .

Alcindor, M. (Commentary). "Guidelines for diagnosing 'long Covid' in patients living with postacute sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC)." Evidence Based Nursing. August. 2022: .

Alcindor, M. (Commentary). "Challenges to building a trusting doctor-patient relationship with the transgender non-binary patient." Evidence Based Nursing. August 2022: .

Alcindor, M.. ""Application of a Blueprint Puzzle Tournament to Prepare Nursing Students for an Exam"." Nurse Educator. June 2022: .

Alcindor, M. Alvarez-Calupitan, S. & Appleby, RA. (Commentary). "Poor mental health in the transgender and non-binary youths and its influence on healthcare practices and outcomes." Evidence Based Nursing. May 2022: .

Alcindor, M. (Commentary). "The effect of depression on caregivers caring for family members living with dementia and other chronic illnesses." Evidence Based Nursing. April 2022: .

Alcindor, M. (Commentary. "What are the perceptions of healthcare providers on the healthcare needs of transgender and gender diversified people and stigma-related attitudes?." Evidence Based Nursing. April 2022: .

Alcindor, M. (Commentary). "Psychological trauma in postpartum women who experienced maternity care during the stringent COVID-19 pandemic restrictions." Evidence Based Nursing. Sept. 2021: .

Alcindor, M. (Commentary). "Increase disparities in breast cancer screening uptake for women with anxiety disorders." Evidence Based Nursing. May 2021: .

Alcindor, M., Alcindor, F., Richard, KE., Ajay, G., Denis, AM., Dickson, DM., Lawal, E., Alcindor, MA., Allen, D.. "COVID-19 Management in Pediatrics." The Journal for Nurse Practitioners. 2021: .

Alcindor, M. Alcindor, F. & Alcindor M. (Commentary). "Characteristics and outcomes of pregnant Black and minority ethnic women admitted to hospital with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection in the U.S.." Evidence Based Nursing. Nov. 2020: .

Alcindor, M.. "The educational journey of Haitian-born nursing students in a U.S. Nursing program." 31st International Nursing Research Congress Sigma Theta Tau International. Virtual Event 2020 (Published). 2020: .

Alcindor, M. & Cadet, M. (Commentary). "Nurses consider family involvement as an important element of patient care." Evidence Based Nursing. June 2020: .

Presented Papers, Lectures, and Exhibitions and Performances

" How do Haitian-Born Students Attending a U.S. Baccalaureate Nursing Program Perceived their Educational Experiences? " March 31, 2023: Nursing Education Research Conference (NERC) in Washington DC.

" The Educational Experiences of Foreign-Born Nursing Students " September 5, 2022: World Virual Summit on Nursing Education & Healthcare.

" "How Haitian-born Students attending a U.S. Baccalaureate Nursing Program Perceived their Educational Experiences?" " April 22, 2022: Academia International Advanced Practice Nursing Conference.

" CONGRESS 2020 Virtual Sigma Presentation:The educational Journey of Haitian Born Nursing Students in a US Nursing Program " July 22, 2020: International Audience.

" Panelist in a Podcast for Covid-19 " July 9, 2020: Internet Pod Cast.

" International Presenter of Research " July 5, 2020: International Audience (Haitian Research Class Presented Remotely).

" Perception of Learning of Haitian Nursing Students in a U. S. Nursing Program " July 16, 2019: Nursing Science-2019 United Scientific Group in California.

" Perception of Learning of Haitian Nursing Students in a U. S. Nursing Program " March 29, 2019: Annual Research Day Poster Board Presentation at the Graduate Center Nursing Degree Alumni Association.

Professional Honors, Prizes, Fellowships

Sigma Theta Tau Member: May 2019.

Dean’s Research Award- April 2019: April 2019.

United States Achievement Academy Collegiate Award From SUNY Health Science Center Nursing School: May 1990.


York College Auxiliary Enterprises Corporation, Inc,, Transition to Practice Workshop Grant. Fall 2022: (Funded) 112.24-In collaboration with the Nursing Department Faculty.

, . December 2021: Not Funded.

PSC-CUNY RESEARCH FOUNDATION/CUNY TRADITIONAL A AWARDS, What are the Educational Experiences of Foreign-Born Bangladesh Students in a U.S. Baccalaureate Nursing Program?. December 5, 2020: Not Funded.

Other Professional Activities and Public Service

Deaconess---Calvary Protestant Church: 2022-Present.

Advisory Committee Member----Calvary Protestant Church: July 2019-2022.

Committee - Evangelical Free Church Budget Committee: July 2019 to Present.

Chair of the Christian Education Committee: August 2019 to Present.

Missionary Advisory Committee Member: 2016-Present.

New York State Nurses Association Member: 1991 to Present.