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Barley, Linda

Barley, Linda

Curriculum Vitae

Professor and Chair
Health and Human Performance

Phone: 718-262-5112
Office Location: HP-205

Office Hours  
Tuesday  1-3 and by appointment 
Thursday  2-4 and by appointment 
Friday  12 - 1 pm 
Saturday  12 - 1 pm 


Degree Institution Field Dates
PhD  Teachers College, Columbia University  Gerontology and Health Education  1980 
MS  Hunter College, The City University of New York  Health Sciences  1975 
BA  St. Francis College  Liberal Studies  1973 
Health promotion across the life span: emphasis on promoting wellness in the community, the classroom and and the work place. Improving self-management of chronic illnesses. Program planning and assessment of community-based health education interventions and delivery systems. Course syllabi development and evaluation intended for health education.

Areas of Expertise

Community Health Education
School-based Health Education
Program Planning: Developing educational interventions
Health Promotion across the Life Span (Gerontology)
Complimentary and Alternative health care

Books in Field Of Expertise

Barley, L. R.. Program planning: A skill based primer. New York: Linus Publications, June 2011. 89.

Articles in Field Of Expertise

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Chapters in Field Of Expertise

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Refereed Proceedings in Field Of Expertise

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Reviews in Field Of Expertise

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Presented Papers, Lectures, and Exhibitions and Performances

" Health needs of Queens-based elderly " October, 2009: Live broadcast, NAACP, carried on QPTV, Channel 34.

" Aging adults: The impact of ethnicity and culture on the medical dyad. " 1999: Annual Professional Conference.

" Faculty and curriculum development: Infusing Asian Studies " 1992: 46th Annual Meeting of Gerontologial Society of America.

" Medication compliance and the elderly " Jul, 2010: 2nd Paris International Conference on Education, Economy and Society, July 21-24, 2010.

Professional Honors, Prizes, Fellowships

Eastern Disctrict, American Alliance, Merit Award: 1990.


Department of Education, PI (2007), Title III. 2007-2012: $2,000,000.

Offices Held In Professional Societies

Contributing Editor, SAGE: 1986-1988.

NCAA, Track & Field Committee, Division III, Member: 1999-2006.

Other Professional Activities and Public Service

AIDS Center for Queens County (ACQC), Board of Directors, Secretary: 1990-1998.

Southeastern Queens Council on Services to the Aged (SEQCOAS) Inc., President: 1986-1988.

Mary Immaculate Hospital, Advisory Board, Member: 1977-1985.

New York State United Teachers, Subject Area Committee for Health Education, Physical Education and Family and Consumer Health: 2005-2008.

New State Department of Education, Research Consultant, Foundations in Gerontology: 1987.

Depart of Education, Reviewer, FIPSE: 2010.

Department of Education, Reviewer, MISIP: 2008.

Department of Education, Reviewer, GAANN: 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2013, 2016, 2017.

American Lung Association, Queens division, Board of Directors: 1981-1986.

NCATE Board of Program Reviewers; Audit Reviwer; Review Committee Policy and Procedures, Member , AAHE: 2008-10; 2008-10; 2010-13.

Queens Bridge to Medicine: 2006-2007.

Program Reviewer, AAHE-NCATE: 2007- to present.

Audit Review, AAHE-NCATE: 2010- tp present.

CAEP (formerly NCATE) Lead Site Visitor: 2011 to present.