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Arsov, Ivica

Arsov, Ivica

Curriculum Vitae
Science Advisor Food and Drug Administration, Northeast Regional Laboratory
Professor and Chair

Phone: 718-262-2713
Office Location: AC-4E03C


Degree Institution Field Dates
PhD  New York University     
MS  University of Belgrade     
MS  New York University     
BS  University of Belgrade     
My lab focuses on understanding the role of autophagy, an intricate process of intracellular self-digestion, in the immune response. We use genetically modified mouse strains with various defects in autophagy to analyze lymphocyte development, T cell activation and antigen presentation by dendritic cells. Our current efforts focus on the impact of autophagy on tumor antigen presentation by dendritic cells. We hope these studies will help us understand how anti-tumor immunity is generated and why tumors frequently evade recognition by the immune system.

Areas of Expertise

T cell development
Cell Biology

Books in Field Of Expertise

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Articles in Field Of Expertise

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Professional Honors, Prizes, Fellowships

2000-2002 NIH Immunology Training Grant Fellow: 2000-2002.

Jeannette Greenspan Fellow in Cancer Research: 1997-1999.

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National Institutes of Health/NIGMS MBRS SCORE, The impact of autophagy on antigen cross-presentation in dendritic cells. 2016-2020: $300,000.00.

US Department of Defense, Co-PI: High-Sensitivity Imaging for Molecular and Cellular Biology. 2017-2018: $508.473.50.

National Institute of General Medical Sciences, Role of autophagy in T cell immune response. 2009-2013: $300,000.00.