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McNeil, Gerard

McNeil, Gerard

Curriculum Vitae


Phone: 718-262-2192
Office Location: AC-4E03F

Office Hours  
MW  12-1 


Degree Institution Field Dates
PhD  University of Massachusetts Medical School  Biomedical Sciences  1996 
BS  University of Massachusetts Dartmouth  Biology  1985 

My background and current research focus on the role of RNA-binding proteins in the regulation of important developmental events using Drosophila melanogaster as a model system. Although RNA-binding proteins have been shown to regulate the translation, stability, and localization of mRNAs during development, little is known of potential regulation at the level of transport and splicing events in the nucleus. I am currently focusing on identifying RNA targets of a nuclearly localized RNA-binding protein called Lark that is required for progression through oogenesis. It is likely that Lark is required at the level of RNA-splicing or nuclear-cytoplamic transport.

Areas of Expertise

Developmental Genetics
Molecular Biology
Cell Biology

Articles in Field Of Expertise

McNeil, G.P., Schroeder, A.J., Roberts, M.A., and Jackson, F.R.. ") Genetic analysis of functional domains within the LARK RNA-binding protein.." Genetics. 159 2001: 229-240.

McNeil, G.P., Smith, F., and Galioto, R. "The Drosophila RNA-binding protein Lark is required for the." genesis. 40 2004: 90-100.

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Presented Papers, Lectures, and Exhibitions and Performances

" Identification and characterization of in vivo targets of Lark, an RNA-binding protein required during Drosophila oogenesis " December 1, 2010: Queens College.

" Identification and characterization of in vivo targets of Lark, an RNA-binding protein required during Drosophila oogenes " December 3, 2010: Graduate Center.

" "Characterization of RNA targets of the nuclear RNA-binding protein Lark during Drosophila oogenesis." " April 2011: Fordham University.

" “Lark, a multifunctional RNA-binding protein affecting a diverse set of processes during Drosophila development”. " April 2012: St John's University.

Professional Honors, Prizes, Fellowships

King of Queens Award (Queens Courier): November 2012.


NIH, Characterization of RNA targets of the RNA-binding protein Lark during oogenesis. 2010-2013: $300,000.

NIH, Characterization of RNA targets for the RNA-binding protein Lark during oogenesis. 2005-2009: $344,596.

NIH, Role of a Drosophila RNA-binding protein in oogenesis. 2002-2004: $220,082.

NIH, T36 MARC grant application in collaboration with Dr. Andrew Campbell at Brown University.. Funding pending: .

Other Professional Activities and Public Service

External Advisory Board for the ISMD Program at Brown University: 2009-present.

Editorial Board of ISRN Molecular Biology Journal: 2011-presemt.

Editorial Board of ISRN Entomology: 2012-present.