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Haller, Cynthia

Haller, Cynthia

Curriculum Vitae


Phone: 718-262-2468
Office Location: AC-2A16A

Office Hours  
Tuesdays  12-2 pm and by appointment 


Degree Institution Field Dates
PhD  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute  Communication and Rhetoric  1995 
MA  University of Pittsburgh  English  1981 
BA  Geneva College  English  1979 
BS  Geneva College  Education  1979 
Cynthia R. Haller, Professor of English, York CUE Director, and Office of Academic Affairs Faculty Fellow, holds a Ph.D. in Communication and Rhetoric from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In addition to teaching writing courses at York College, she has served as Writing Center Coordinator, Writing Program Coordinator, Writing Across the Curriculum Coordinator, CUNY Proficiency Exam (CPE) Coordinator, and Acting Associate Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences. Professor Haller's research interests include rhetorical invention, college students' development of academic literacies, and agricultural/environmental rhetoric.

Areas of Expertise

Rhetoric, Writing, and Communication
Academic Literacies
Agricultural and Environmental Rhetoric

Books in Field Of Expertise

Horning, Alice, Deborah-Lee Gollnitz, and Cynthia R. Haller, eds. What is College Reading?. Boulder, Colorado: WAC Clearinghouse and University Press of Colorado, 2017. Print version In Press. .

Articles in Field Of Expertise

Megwalu, Anamika, Christina Miller, and Cynthia Haller. "The Library and the Common Reader Program: A Collaborative Effort to College Transition." Reference Services Review. 45.3 2017: 440-453.

Haller, Cynthia R. "Reading Matters: Thoughts on Revising the CWPA Outcomes Statement." Writing Program Administration. 36 Fall/Winter 2012: 195-199.

Haller, Cynthia R. "Toward Rhetorical Source Use: Three Student Journeys." Writing Program Administration. 34 Fall/Winter 2010: 33-59.

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Haller, Cynthia R., Victoria J. Gallagher, Tracey L. Weldon, and Richard M. Felder. "Dynamics of Peer Education in Cooperative Learning Workgroups." Journal of Engineering Education. July 2000: 285-293.

Haller, Cynthia R. "Revaluing Women's Work: Report Writing in the North Carolina Canning Clubs, 1912-1916." Technical Communication Quarterly. 6 1997: 281-92.

Geisler, Cheryl, Edwin H. Rogers, and Cynthia Haller. "Disciplining Discourse: Discourse Practice in the Affiliated Professions of Software Engineering Design." Written Communication. 15 1998: 3-24.

Chapters in Field Of Expertise

Haller, Cynthia. "Sustainability and Sustainable Development: The Evolution and Use of Confused Notions." Topic-Driven Environmental Rhetoric. Ed. Derek G. Ross. New York, NY: Routledge 2017: 213-233.

Laskin, Miriam, and Cynthia Haller. "Up the Mountain Without a Trail: Helping Students Use Source Networks to Find Their Way." Information Literacy: Research and Collaboration Across Disciplines. Ed. Barbara J. D’Angelo, Sandra Jamieson, Barry Maid, and Janice R. Walker. Boulder, CO: UP of Colorado & Utah State UP 2017: 237-256.

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Haller, Cynthia R. "Reuniting Reading and Writing: The Role of the Library." Reconnecting Reading and Writing. Anderson, SC: Parlor Press. Expected 2013: 38 double-spaced typed pages. Invited September 9, 2010.

Haller, Cynthia R. "Walk, Talk, Cook, Eat: What Can You Do With Others' Work?." Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing, Vol. 2. Anderson, SC: Parlor Press. 2011: 193-209.

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Non Refereed Proceedings in Field Of Expertise

Haller, Cynthia. "Teaching Source Use: What Does It Mean?." Website module for "Teaching Composition," McGraw-Hill. April 2006: 1 web page + one month discussion moderation.

Haller, Cynthia, Victoria J. Gallagher, Tracey L. Weldon, and Richard M. Felder. "Dynamics of Peer Interactions in Cooperative Learning." Proceedings of the 1999 American Society for Engineering Education Conference. 1999: 15 pages.

Haller, Cynthia R. "Creating Shared Understandings in Software Design." Proceedings of the International Professional Communication Conference. 1993: 2 pages.

Reviews in Field Of Expertise

"Review of More Than A Farmer's Wife, Amy Mattson Lauters." Agricultural History 85, 2011: 275-276.

"Review of Genre and the Invention of the Writer, Anis Bawarshi." Issues in Writing 14, 2003: 74-78.

"Review of Genre in the Classroom: Multiple Perspectives, Ann M. Johns, ed." Issues in Writing 12, 2002: 186-92.

"Review of Feminism and Composition Studies: In Other Words, Susan B. Jarrett and Lynn Worsham, eds." Issues in Writing 11, 2000: 111-116.

"Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries. Published by Association of College and Research Libraries." Various, 2003-2009 (13 reviews): approx. 190 words each.


Presented Papers, Lectures, and Exhibitions and Performances

" (with Alice S. Horning and Ellen Carillo). Transforming Writing Pedagogy with a Focus on Reading. " March 14, 2018: Conference on College Composition and Communication, Kansas City, Missouri.

" (with Vincent Banrey, Jay L. Choi, Sury Valdez, and Jillian Abbott). Reinforcing the First-Year Experience: Key Components for Improving First-Year Outcomes " May 5, 2017: 2017 Coordinated Undergraduate Education (CUE) Conference, New York, NY.

" (with Alice Horning and Chris Anson) Program Development from a Renewed Perspective: Reading Across the Curriculum " July 14, 2016: Council of Writing Program Administrators (CWPA) 2016 Conference, Raleigh NC.

" Changing Notions: The Evolution of Sustainability " May 29, 2016: Rhetoric Society of America (RSA) Conference, Atlanta, Georgia.

" Sustainability, Sustainable Development, and Beyond: The Evolution and Use of Confused Notions " July 3, 2014: International Society for the Study of Argumentation (ISSA). Amsterdam, Netherlands.

" Plants as Immigrant Populations: A History of Mango Assimilation in the U.S. " May 26, 2014: Rhetoric Society of America (RSA) Conference, San Antonio, TX.

" Ecology of Place: Information Habitats in Digital Environments " March 20, 2014: Conference on College Composition and Communication, Indianapolis, Indiana.

" (with Miriam Laskin) Composition and Library Instruction Faculty Collaborate: Helping Students Develop Focused Research Questions " May 10, 2013: CUNY, Ninth Annual Coordinated Undergraduate Education (CUE) Conference.

" Playing the Field: Agricultural Games on My American Farm. " October 22, 2012: Provost Lecture Series, York College.

" Friends or Enemies? Transnational Identification at Coronado National Memorial. " May 24, 2012: Rhetoric Society of America Conference.

" Reading in the Research Writing Classroom. " March 22, 2012: Conference on College Composition and Communication.

" Marjory Stoneman Douglas: Marjory and Marjorie on the Natural Florida. " Taped June 12, 1010: Interview with Ben Brotemarkle. Florida Frontiers: The Weekly Radio Program of the Florida Historical Society. No. 75. Aired on selected public radio stations in Florida.

" Agriculture and Conservation in Conflict: The Florida Everglades. " June 12, 2010: Agricultural History Society Conference, Winter Park, FL.

" Student Research Writing, 1950-2009: Remixing a Genre. " March 20, 2010: Conference on College Composition and Communication, Louisville, KY.

" Adolescent Farm Women in the North Carolina Canning Clubs, 1912-1917. " September 24-27, 2009: Triennial Rural Women’s Studies Conference, Bloomington, Indiana.

" Tracking Student Source Use: An Investigation of Source Appropriation Strategies. " March 11-14, 2009: Conference on College Composition and Communication, San Francisco, California.

" Patterns of Source Choice in Student Research Papers. " September 23-25, 2005: Originality, Imitation, Plagiarism: A Cross-Disciplinary Conference on Writing, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

" Reading CPE Leaves: Getting Wac’ed with a Standardized Test (with Lillian Kaplan). " May 20-22, 2004: Writing Across the Curriculum National Conference, St. Louis, Missouri.

" Yankee Stadium’s Monument Park: Escaping the Memorial Constraints of Physical Space. " May 27-31, 2004: Rhetoric Society of America Conference, Austin, Texas.

" Toward a Pedagogy of Memory in Rhetorical Invention. " March 21, 2003: Conference on College Composition and Communication, New York, NY.

" Expanding Women’s Literacy in the North Carolina Canning Clubs, 1912-1917. " November 26, 2002: York College Women’s Studies Research Panel, Jamaica, NY.

" Rewriting the Past: Healing or Colonization?. " November 8, 2002: CUNY Association of Writing Supervisors (CAWS) Conference, Brooklyn, NY.

" The Rhetoric of Obituary: Public Construction of the Living. " March 20-23, 2002: Conference on College Composition and Communication, Chicago, IL.

" Negotiating Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces of Genre: Dialogic Dynamics in Canning Club Reports. " May 13-16, 2001: Genre2001, Oslo, Norway.

" Institutional Mission and Professional Writing Programs: Structural Connections. " March 14-17, 2001: Conference on College Composition and Communication, Denver, CO.

Professional Honors, Prizes, Fellowships

Best Paper Award, American Society for Engineering Education, Educational Research Methods Division (with Victoria Gallagher, Tracey Weldon, and Richard M. Felder): June, 1999.

Beer Trust Fellowship, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: 1991-92.

Rensselaer Scholar Fellowship, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: 1990-91.


PSC-CUNY Award, David Fairchild and Barbour Lathrop: Contributions to U.S. Plant Exploration. July 1-2014-July 1, 2015: $2,000.

PSC-CUNY Award, Agriculture in the Classroom, 1981-present. July 1 2010-January 1, 2012: $2,500.

York College Title III Grant for Teaching Excellence Program, Enhancing English 125, Introduction to College Writing. 2009-1010: Reassigned time: 3 credit hours.

Council of Writing Program Administrators (WPA), Strategies of Appropriation:How Students Use Sources to Write Research Papers. 2005-2006: $600.

PSC-CUNY Award, Learning Genre: Exploring the Dynamics of Literacy Acquisition. July 1, 2001-July 1, 2002: $3,660.

Engineering Information Foundation, Gender and Communication in Engineering Work Groups, EIF 99.6. 1999: $24,370.

Engineering Information Foundation, Gender and Communication in Engineering Work Groups, EIF 97.10. 1998: $41,148.

North Carolina State University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences Summer Stipend, The Literacies of Farm Women: Writing in the North Carolina Canning Clubs, 1912-1918. Summer 1998: $4,000.

North Carolina State University, Center for Communication in Science, Technology, and Management, Gender and Communication in Engineering. Fall 1997: Reassigned time: 3 credit hours.

North Carolina State University, College of Engineering, Gender and Communication in Engineering. Summer 1997: $3,000.

Other Professional Activities and Public Service

Rhetoric Society of America (RSA) Summer Institute 2009, Professional Development Workshop: State College, PA, June 26-28, 2009.

National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Workshop, “Making Objects Speak”: John Jay College/City University of New York, NY, June 2-3, 2009.

Book Reviews Editor, Issues in Writing: May 1997-February 2002.

“Teaching Source Use: What Does It Mean?” Website module and discussion moderation for “Teaching Composition” website: April 2006.