Birk, Alexander

Birk, Alexander

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Assistant Professor

Phone: 718-262-5277
Office Location: AC-4E03

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Human body completely relies on the mitochondrial electron transport chain in energy generation in form of ATP. Furthermore, electrical communication within mitochondrial network is thought to play a role in supporting energy distribution between the cells within a tissue. The nervous system, heart, skeletal muscle, kidney, retina, and liver have especially high levels of energy demand. Thus, mitochondrial dysfunctions has been demonstrated to be the key factor in neurodegenerative diseases, heart disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, retinal diseases, cancer, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Our main goal is to design and study novel biological materials for improving efficiency of electrical conductance in mitochondria membranes and optimization of mitochondrial network capacity, which is required for the prevention and treatment of many age-associated diseases.

Areas of Expertise

Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Virology, Bioenergetics, Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals development