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Minor in Music Production

The York College music program offers the Minor in Music Production, which includes foundational courses in music production, music business, and popular music.
Cardinal Studios student club members recording in LL02.

Student recording in LL02 (photo by Cardinal Studios)

The Minor in Music Production

York College offers the 15-credit Minor in Music Production, which provides a foundational overview of all aspects of music production, including its history, working with Digital Audio Workstations, creating music using computers, recording, mixing, mastering, as well as courses in music business and popular music.

As of Fall 2019, Students who declare the Music major can also choose to add the Music Production minor. However, please note that a single course in the "Ethnomusicology & Popular Music" category cannot satisfy the requirement for both the Music major and the Music Production minor. As such, students will have to take two different courses in this category to satisfy requirements for both the major and the minor. Please also note that music majors cannot declare the Music Performance minor. Please see your advisor for more details.

Required Courses

Please take a look at the list of required courses posted in the York College bulletin here:

Suggested Sequence

Here is a suggested plan on when to complete the courses in the Minor in Music Production, beginning with the 2020-21 academic year. Please keep in mind that this is for reference only, and that not all courses are offered every semester. For the most up-to-date information, please contact music program coordinator Prof. Mark Adams (, or your academic advisor.

YearFall SemesterSpring Semester
2020-21MUS 225 Foundations of Music Production (Creative Expressions)Music Production Elective (1 of 3): MUS 299 / 327 / 328 / 329 / 427
2021-22Music Production Elective (2 of 3): MUS 299 / 327 / 328 / 329 / 427Music Production Elective (3 of 3): MUS 299 / 327 / 328 / 329 / 427

Ethnomusicology & Popular Music Elective: MUS 250 WI / 253 WI / 254 / 278 / 279 WI / 301 WI / 453 / 455

Important Information

  • MUS 225 serves as the pre-requisite class for the music production electives, including MUS 299, 327, 328, 329 and 427. As a result, students interested in pursuing the Minor in Music Production begin with MUS 225. In general, MUS 225 will be offered every semester, pending enrollment.
  • Please note that beginning in Fall 2020, MUS 225 will no longer be regularly designated as a Writing Intensive course. If you have questions on whether a course is WI or not, please confirm this with the listing on CUNYFirst as well as your academic advisor.
  • The music production electives will be offered in rotation, with one or more elective classes offered during a semester, depending on enrollment. Please check the course schedule posted on this website, on CUNYFirst, or check with the music program to find out more about elective offerings for an upcoming semester.
  • Similarly, different courses in the Ethnomusicology & Popular Music Elective category will be offered in rotation. Check with the course schedule on CUNYFirst or with the music program to find out which courses are offered in a given semester.
  • The Minor in Music Production is designed such that any York College student may complete the minor, in addition to their major requirements. This also includes students who are music majors at York College!
  • Be sure to declare your minor by heading to the Registrar's Office.