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Auditions for our fall 2016 shows - Race by David Mamet (Drama) & Tartuffe by Moliere (Comedy)---- NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY... just read from the script. Earn three credits, TA215 Theatre Practice. Backstage positions also available: Lights, sound, sets, costumes, painting!


by David Mamet


Race opens as two lawyers - one black, one white - meet with a potential new client, a wealthy white man accused of raping a young black woman. The client admits that he was intimate with his accuser but vehemently denies the charges of rape, insisting that the sex was consensual and that he and the woman were in love. As the two lawyers mull over the potential pitfalls in accepting the case - among them contemporary racial politics and myriad unclear details from the alleged crime scene - they enlist the help of their new associate, Susan, a black woman in her 20s. Susan openly admits that she thinks the man is guilty, and makes a critical administrative error that results in casting suspicion onto her motives. In the lawyers' struggle to find the truth their own prejudices are exposed, and they quickly discover that present-day racial and gender politics are as complex as the case in front of them.

The Characters

Jack Lawson a white man in his 40's; a lawyer

Charles Strickland a white man in his 40's

Henry Brown a black man in his 40's; a lawyer

Susan a black woman in her 20's; a receptionist


By Moliere


Orgon, a wealthy family man, takes in a stranger by the name of Tartuffe to stay in his home. Tartuffe appears to be an extremely pious and devout man of religion, and Orgon regards him almost as a saint. All of Orgon's friends and family regard Tartuffe as a con man who only pretends to be of the highest moral authority but who does not practice what he preaches. However, Orgon plans to force his daughter to marry Tartuffe and to disinherit his son in order to make Tartuffe the sole heir to his fortune. Orgon is warned that Tartuffe may be deceiving him, but Orgon is blind to these warnings. Orgon finally learns that he has been betrayed by his guest when he overhears Tartuffe trying to seduce his wife. However, when he orders Tartuffe to leave his house, Tartuffe seeks revenge by trying to seize all of Orgon's property and to have Orgon arrested. In the end, through the intervention of the King, Tartuffe is arrested, and harmony is restored to Orgon's household.

Casting an ensemble:

5-8 fabulously funny male & female actors!