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Journo Prof Moore Continues Research/Reporting on Historical Battle

In the English Department, Prof. Tom Moore teaches in the Journalism Program and spent the summer (of 2018) continuing his research and creative work in his field by reporting on the latest findings connected to the Revolutionary War's Battle of Brooklyn. A radio series he reported, edited and produced, aired over the summer on NPR's Baltimore, Maryland affiliate, WYPR, 88.1 FM. Moore's work with the station goes back three years.

"This summer's research resulted in a two-part long-form radio series on newly discovered Revolutionary War letters and papers connected to a special part of George Washington's army," said Moore. "They're known as the Maryland 400 and played a crucial role here in New York in the Battle of Brooklyn, the largest battle of the entire war."

The in-depth radio news pieces aired at the end of August after research and interviews that took Moore to Annapolis, Maryland and the Maryland State Archives where he continues to work with historians providing long-form, documentary style pieces for the archive website.

These re-enactors - from the Battle of Brooklyn ceremonies at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.

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