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Prof. Drago Participates in Hope in Com/Positions

Hostos Community College and Carnegie Hall - Event. The event was organized by The Latin American Writers Institute (LAWI) of Hostos Community College, in collaboration with Carnegie Hall.

 From their unique positions, poets Josefina Báez (Dominican Republic-U.S.), Norma Cantú (México-US), and York's Dr. Margarita Drago (Argentina-U.S.) read and engage in conversation about each other’s creative processes, as their poems in turn, converse with the work of artists and musicians from Argentina, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Writings reflect on journeys of hardship, oppression of the spirit, or freedom in contexts of marginalization, displacement, occlusion, confinement and incarceration, while colors or lines remark the textures in their poems, or while a musical composition lends sound to the words. More

Dr. Drago is a professor of World Languages, Literatures and Humanities. Originally from Argentina, an ex-political prisoner and writer, she has represented Argentina in congresses in the United States, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Canada, Spain, and France. She has published six poetry books, and articles in newspapers and literary, educational, and human rights journals as well as articles on pedagogy of teaching children.