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Dr. Apkarian's Research Cited in 'Chronicle of Higher Ed.' Article

The article mentions Professor Jacob Apkarianby name and links to a peer-reviewed research articlehe co-authoredin 2020.

Read the article in "The Chronicle of Higher Education" and follow the link to Prof. Apkarian's published, peer-reviewed article.

It is no wonder Dr. Apkarian's research is being quoted in an article about graduate and undergraduate student employees at Columbia University. At York College, he is an Assistant Professor of Sociology that studies organizational decision-making in finance and higher education. He is currently a Research Fellow at the National Center for the Study of Collective Bargaining in Higher Education and the Professions.

Apkarian's research "examines conflicting logics in the finance industry and governance in higher education. He is interested in quantitative methods and teaches research methods and statistics to sociology, anthropology, and political science majors. He has published an online open-access textbook covering statistical analysis of social network data with Robert Hanneman. Jacob has applied his expertise in statistical modeling to collaborate on research in a variety of disciplines including criminal justice, political science, and social psychology."

His research has been featured in "The New York Times, "The Sacramento Bee," "The Chronicle of Higher Education, and "Bloomberg Law."