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Congress Member Gregory Meeks Secures $300,000 for York College Wind Tunnel Lab and Aviation Research Database

U.S. Congress Member Gregory Meeks (New York’s 5th District) secured $300,000 in federal funding for a new Wind Tunnel Lab and Aviation Research Database at York College.  This is a tremendous boost for the York College Aviation Management Program and Institute.  The new wind tunnel lab will meet the critical need for trained aviation scholars to tackle the upcoming challenges associated with the Next Generation Air Transportation System. State-of-the-art wind tunnel labs are critical resources for distinguished aviation programs in the United States, enabling faculty members to conduct research and provide students with a comprehensive understanding of wind characteristics, including pressure and speed variations. The simulation of conditions within a lab setting enables faculty and students to observe air movement over or around solid objects at varying speeds, contributing to developing a highly skilled workforce, increasing innovation and progress, and advancing science and technology.  York College students will gain valuable experience in the principles of aerodynamics, making them better prepared for future careers in engineering, aviation, and other related fields.

The aviation research database will support aviation-related research and publications. This database will be accessible to students, faculty, and researchers and will serve as a valuable resource for conducting literature reviews, identifying research gaps, and informing future research projects.

In summary, the wind tunnel lab and aviation research database offer significant public benefit by contributing to developing a highly skilled workforce, advancing science and technology, improving aviation safety and efficiency, and informing policy decisions.

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