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Jennifer Griffith In Celebration of BHM

A look into the work of a York student, Jennifer Griffith.

"My name is Jennifer Griffith. I am a family worker for District 29, here in Queens. I service children along with their families, encouraging parents to take an active role in their child’s attendance and academics. I have also established positive relationships with students and fellow teachers along with school administrators. The job provides a sense of fulfilment and supporting mankind feels very rewarding. This act of service takes a selfless group of people to extend themselves for a greater cause."

"Having a passion for people I knew I must pursue a career in health services. I’m currently attending York college in pursuits of becoming a Social Worker. It is a rewarding career, as there is the satisfaction of seeing individuals or families get back on the right track, and restore harmony in their lives. I want to be that driving force in someone’s life. Shortly I look to start a non-profit, catered to children and adults who went or are in the foster care system just like myself. I plan to provoke change in my community and change the narrative of children/adults who come out of foster care. Along with educating individuals on the matter. My name is Jennifer Griffith and this is how I am changing history."

Thank you Jennifer for sharing your story!