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Famous Artist with Connection to York Dies

Celebrated artist Sam Gilliam's death has been in the news for the past two weeks, but few knew that he had a York College, CUNY connection.

Thanks to Professor John Drobnicki, Head of Acquisitions Librarian and Library Webmaster, it was brought to our attention that a piece of the artist's work (pictured) is part of York's permanent collection. As well, a Gilliam is on permanent display over the northern entrance inside the Parsons/Archer Subway stop (AKA, "the York College Stop."

Several years ago former York College English Professor Michael Cripps and his students created an important documentation of the college's art collection and describes the Gilliam installation, Solar Canopy, which hangs over the 3H Atrium as "an array of painted aluminum planes bolted some 60 feet overhead. High-keyed, contrasting colors are the dominant features of this abstract construction. Solar Canopy resembles the swirling Dreamcast logo that was designed by Sega after an Asian ideograph. The sculpture's multiple shapes and colors have the intensity of a challenging video game. On a more serious note, Gilliam directly referenced the Earth's sun and the spread of its rays in his title."

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