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Dr. Ramos Publishes Bilingual Poetry Book: Sin Ambages

Dr. Juana M. Ramos publishes bilingual poetry book Sin ambages/To the Point.

York Assistant Professor of World Languages, Literatures, and Humanities Dr. Juana Ramos' has recently published a bilingual book entitled Sin Ambages/To the Point.  Sin Ambages was published by Editorial Cuadernos Negros, Colombia, and translated by Iara Cardo. The poems throughout Dr. Ramos' book aim to lead the reader on a journey of self-discovery as written in the synopsis.

"In poetry, Juana is free, and the perception of this allows her reader to experience freedom because the trajectory of the text allows him or her to fly from remotest childhood, perhaps innocent, to a present suggested by the limits of a city, not only the one she lives in but also that intimate metropolis that defies the place in which we were born."

Congratulations Dr. Juana Ramos on publishing your poetry book! If you would listen to a sample from Ramos' poetry book please visit Cuadernos Negros YouTube channel.

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