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Diana Guardiola In Celebration of Women's History Month

This weeks spotlight is Diana Guardiola, sharing her perspective in support of Women's History Month!

"Women's History Month means a great deal to me. It is a time when we celebrate women from all over the world who have made an impact on our society. Being a woman is about courage, strength, faith, and being a leader. As a female working in Athletics, especially in Sports Information; which is largely dominated by men, this pushes me to work harder and prove I am capable of anything. When I look at my Department, it brings me joy to see the accomplishments our women have made and continue to make, including our Student-Athletes."

Thank you, Diana for sharing your story!

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Do you have a story or an accomplishment you would like to share? It is not too late to share your story, you never know who you will inspire! Share with us today!