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Dean George White on "Let it Rip"

Focus on The Supreme Court and Affirmative Action

Dr. George White, Interim Dean of the College’s School of Arts and Science and History Professor, weighs in on the the Court’s anti-affirmative action decision.

In the September 13th episode of "Let it Rip" on CUNY TV, Dr. White, whose scholarly work on African American history is widely recognized, said the implications of the Supreme Court's anti-affirmative decision are vast. “There are flawed assumptions underlying the Majority opinion,” Dr. White explained. “The Court has a warped sense of America history and there is a need for continued Black-Asian solidarity, which this decision seeks to undermine.” Dr. White also points out that, “York College, in particular, and CUNY generally, could be a safe haven for students of all colors who are seeking a high-quality education in an environment that values diversity.” Tune in to watch the program.