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York Professor's Article on VP Harris' Africa Trip Quoted

Kudos to York College History Professor Nicholas Githuku, whose co-authored article in "The Elephant" has been quoted in "Foreign Policy" magazine!

According to Dr. Githuku, the opinion piece in "the premier and respected East and Central African online Magazine, 'The Elephant,' is entitled, "VP Kamala Harris' Africa Visit: Rethinking US-Africa Relations," and it was "specifically about Vice President Kamala Harris's first formal visit to Africa early in April with the Second Gentleman, and also about US-Africa relations or foreign policy."

See the article vp-kamala-harris-africa-visit-rethinking-us-africa-relations.

Dr. Githuku describes his areas of expertise as "Cross-cutting themes in the making and evolution of the postcolonial African state: race, ethnicity [contemporary politics & political economy], gender & women history, class, labor, social movements; the inner workings of power and authority; Social & environmental justice, social movements, state (il)legitimacy and the rule of law."

His region of specialty is East Africa (and contemporary Kenyan politics in particular) Kenya. Other regions are Sub-Saharan Africa & Central and Eastern Europe [with a specific interest in the origin and development of states and the state system or state formation); the relationship between the state and capitalism; and military history and memorialization]; and political and social theory.