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Professor Grasso Publishes New Work and Is Appointed to GC Biography and Memoir Program

Congratulations to Professor Linda M. Grasso, Department of English, who has published "'Feeling You Near': Georgia O'Keeffe's Friendship with Mary Callery” in Navigating Women's Friendships in American Literature and Culture, ed. K. Branham and K. Reames (Palgrave MacMillan, 2022). The essay documents and analyzes the relationship between two mid-twentieth-century women artists culled from their unpublished letters.

Dr. Grasso was recently appointed to teach in the M.A. in Biography and Memoir Program at the CUNY Graduate Center. She also has faculty appointments in the M.A. in Liberal Studies Program and the M.A. in Women's and Gender Studies Program at the Graduate Center.

**Dr. Linda M. Grasso is a Professor of English, Liberal Studies, and Women's and Gender Studies at York College and the CUNY Graduate Center. She teaches courses in American Literature, African American Literature, Women's and Gender Studies, American Studies, and Writing. Professor Grasso's book Equal under the Sky: Georgia O’Keeffe and Twentieth-Century Feminism (University of New Mexico Press) situates the artist in U.S. feminist history and explores what feminism meant to O'Keeffe and her audiences over several generations. She is also the author of The Artistry of Anger: Black and White Women's Literature in America, 1820-1860 (University of North Carolina Press) and numerous essays on nineteenth and twentieth-century U.S. women’s literature and culture.