Movement Science Students Learn at Off-site Conference

York College, CUNY Movement Science students recently participated at the American College of Sports Medicine's Greater Chapter of New York spring conference.

Kristelle Ira Zabala's research abstract on 'The Influence of Yoga on Psychological Health among Urban Ethnic-Minority College Students' was accepted for presentation (by her). She later joined Stephon Baldeo and Andy Velasco in the Student Quiz Bowl. The team, trained by Prof. Reinold McNickle, led the Jeopardy-style competition up until the final question and finished in second place ahead of five teams.

As one of our students said of the April 22nd experience afterward, "It taught me so much and showed me how little it matters what college you attend because our education spoke for itself. It really just gives me more confidence and assurance that our professors are not just amazing at their preparation, but our team also had the talent to achieve what we want with enough

Keistelle Ira Zabala

Kristelle Ira Zabala standing beside her poster