Mother and Son Graduates Amongst York's Class of 2023

There is nothing new about parent-child graduates at York College, but this year we have two sets: a mother and son and mother and daughter.

In this posting we are featuring the mother and son, to be followed later by the mother and daughter. Amrita Seegobind and Simeon Seegobind,  Social Work and Mathematics majors, respectively, will graduate together from York on Thursday, June 1. Mrs. Seegobind came to York first, enrolling as a part-time student in the fall of 2014. She came as a freshman and has finished with aplomb.

The Guyanese native said she "wanted to continue my education and York College was the most convenient location." Mission accomplished, she will graduate with her Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSW).

As for why she choose the major she did, Ms. Seegabond explained that it had to do with her profession as with her child. 

"I originally chose early education, but due to having a developmentally delayed child, I realized there are many individuals who need someone to advocate for them," she said. "That led me to changing my major to social work."

Asked about her York experience, the proud graduate said York was the right fit for her educational and other needs as a working adult student and parent.

"My York College experience was very educational and memorable. All my professors were extremely knowledgeable and took an interest in their student’s education. They were always ready to help and meet the educational needs of students. As an older [student], in the beginning, I was not too sure what college life would be like for me because I was not born and raised in the United States. However, attending York College changed my views on [mature] individuals continuing with their education because of the professional and fostering environment of the staff and faculty. I was able to thrive and accomplish my goal of graduating with my BSW, and I am planning to continue with a MSW program."

Seegobond said that "by obtaining my BSW, I will be able to keep my present job, which I’ve had for the past 14 years. I will be able to officially serve the community as a professional." She is glad York College prepared her well for the career path she has chosen. "

I’ve learned that Social workers promote social justice and social change with and on behalf of clients,” she said. "And that there is Dignity and Worth for all individuals. Because of the population that my agency serves (incarcerated, parolees, probationers, and at-risk youth), it is necessary to treat these individuals with the respect they deserve. This population needs advocates who will be their voice and support. In addition, I am hoping that this degree will produce a raise in my salary, and with this, I will be able to accomplish some other goals that can only be achieved by financial stability."

The  seven-time Dean's List achievergraduating with honors (3.815), will be all smiles to walk across the stage with her offspring Simeon.

Mr. Seegobind, who was born in Jamaica, Queens, enrolled at York in the summer of 2017 at the behest of his mother and the example of her success.

" My mom was a student at York College, and she encouraged me to apply to York College so that she could be my advocate," he said.

He chose a major he felt would work best for him rather than one that he thought would be the popular choice. 

"The major that I chose was Mathematics because of my disability, said Simeon, a member of York's Anime Club. "I realized that I was better with numbers than words. During my time at York College, I was very fortunate to be registered with the Disability Department. The staff of this department were very caring and helpful throughout my college years. They made sure that I received all the accommodations needed so that I was able to function in a college environment conducive to learning. I’ll be forever grateful for the help I received during my time at York College. Because without their help and guidance, I do not think that I would have been able to graduate.

Dr. Truett Vaigheur, a LEADS specialist in the Center for Students With Disabilities (CSD) spoke higlhy of  the younger Seegobind. 

"Simeon Seegobind is truly one of York's friendly faces," said Dr. Vaigheur. "He was always so cheerful, smiling and extremely positive -- his disposition is sunny and bright! He is a dedicated and great student, doing well in the class room. And he is sociable and visible on campus, quite popular. As a CSD student, we are definitely proud of him, and we are very excited to see this young man embark on a future that is well deserved."

For his part, Simeon is proud of the family's dual accomplishment. "I am very proud to be graduating with my mom," he enthused. As for his immediate plans after graduation, they are as practical as they come. "I would like to get a full-time job" he said!

In addition to the Seegobinds, there is also a mother and daughter due graduating as well. Their story is told separartely in this forum.