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Dr. Juana Ramos Publishes Book of Short Stories

"Aquí no hay gatos" (There are no cats here) is a collection of stories written by Professor Ramos and published in the fall of 2022.

Dr. Sonia Rivera Valdés, quite the literary scholar, herself, says of the collection, "Aquí no hay gatos' is a book of stories, "written in a precise and brilliant language. Often poetic, the narrator evokes the society in which she was born and grew up. In addition, she makes us participants in her unfathomable inner world...devoid of sentimentality, they narrate deeply painful and moving situations.”

*Dr. Ramos is a professor of Spanish and literature at York College, CUNY. She has participated in international poetry festivals and recitals in Mexico, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Guatemala, Spain and her birth country of El Salvador. She has published several books of poetry and now adds the book of short stories, "Aquí no hay gatos." Find out more about Aquí no hay atos at Amazon.

Congratulations to Dr. Ramos on this latest work!