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A National First: York OT Alums Publish Text Book

Previously, no occupational therapy (OT) college textbook in the nation featured case studies that provide the analytical framework for addressing the impact of cultural and economic health disparities in diagnosis and treatment.

That changed last November (2022) when 15 York College alumni – all graduates of the York College, CUNY OT program and experts in the field – published “Case Studies for Contemporary Occupational Therapy Practice: Guiding Critical Thinking for Students.” It is anticipated that this groundbreaking college textbook, published by the premiere American Occupational Therapy Association, will become the standard bearer for OT degree programs across the country.

As OT Chair Donald Auriemma, who co-edited the new publication with York College Professors and alumni Drs. Clover Hutchinson and Vikram Pagpatan, said in the introduction, the text “acknowledges the importance of incorporating the various principles and tenets of diversity, equity, justice, inclusion, and belonging through a contemporary and practice-based interpretation of occupational therapy.”

"As we recently witnessed and experienced during the height of the COVID pandemic, and knowing the history of disparity in medical care, there is great pride in knowing that York College’s alumni co-authors, including many of whom are currently professors in our OT program, are changing the tenor of national discourse, the depth of learning for students nationwide, and ultimately the quality and equality of care for all.

Congratulations York Alumni Contributing Authors: Tiffany Almonte ’16, Donald Auriemma ’82, Kerron Blunte ’11, Carol Brown-Wassinger ’08, Tiffany Cordero-Velez ’16, Mary Devadas ’11, Bebe Haniff ’10, Clover Hutchinson ’92, Vikram Pagpatan ’13, Susan Quintin ’01, Ivy Rentz ’98, Eva Rodriguez ’83, Paula Stewart ’97, Frederick Wolodin ’08. The book also recognizes York College class of ’99 alumnus Dr. Yves Rosesus, who served as a co-editor and contributing author before passing away during the pandemic.