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York Receives New Upskilling Funding

York College has received another Upskilling grant, awarded by CUNY to the college's Office of Academic Affairs (OAA).

The Upskilling II Initiative grant will help York provide skills training to students and community residents with new, marketable abilities according to Dr. Maureen Becker, Dean of the School of Health Sciences and Professional Programs.    “We received $262,267 to offer free programs to students, and community members at large, who live anywhere in New York,” said Dean Becker, who also serves as interim dean of the School of Business and Information Systems. "The offerings are in the Business and Healthcare industry sectors, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these are the two fastest growing industry sectors. All these offerings will be delivered via ZOOM, and with good attendance, and completion of all assignments, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.”     Additionally, the two Health offerings have an added incentive that with good attendance and completion of all assignments, participants will receive free College credits to utilize at York College (two credits for Concept of Health Professions, and three credits for Health Informatics), according to Dr. Becker. She is also doubly excited with the funds as it is the second such for the college ( Upskilling I). 

The offerings, enabled by the grant “have a few purposes," according to Becker. They can be used to introduce someone to a field and/or College major, help non-college adults to think about re-entering college (if they came at one point and stopped out) or for that person who never had the opportunity to ever go to college, to now enroll. It could also be added to one's CV; could be appreciated by a current employer, and be worthy of a promotion and/or raise. If unemployed, it is something that could add value to a resume to strengthen existing skills and/or increase one's knowledge base; or just take it for the fun of learning.