The COVID Testing Site at York College is now closed.  Effective Tuesday, May 23 at 5pm, CUNY is ending the vaccination mandate for students, faculty, and staff. Cleared4 passes will no longer be required for campus access.
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Rex to the Rescue for Finals

Rex is a six month old French bulldog certified service dog that visited York College with his handler, Prof Valerie Esposito Kubanick from the Nursing Department.

The lovable pooch is a six-month-old French Bulldog Certified Service Dog that visited York College's campus with his handler, Prof. Valerie Esposito Kubanick from the Nursing Department, to provide anti-anxiety services to students before their final exam. 

"School and exam-related stress has been well documented, and in our current climate acknowledging anxiety in students is the first step in providing supportive measures for [their] success;" says Professor Kubanick, who has been working with service dogs for many years, visiting campuses, hospitals, nursing homes, libraries and just about anywhere a service dog is requested."

Professor Kubanick says Rex is certified to assist with anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

"The student responses from the visit was overwhelmingly positive," she recalls. "One student contacted [me] later that day...'thank you so much Professor. (Rex' presence was so therapeutic for me to manage stress before (the) exam.'"
Prof. Kubanick plans on working with Rex to continue providing services to students at York College.

Prof Valerie Esposito Kubanick  and Rex, a six-month-old French bulldog certified service dog
Prof Valerie Esposito Kubanick, Students  and Rex, a six-month-old French bulldog certified service dog

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