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Poli-Sci Grad Gets Peter Ranis Scholarship

A hardworking York alumna has received the Peter Ranis Scholarship in Political Science.

Sayyora Khaydarova, a recent York Political Science graduate, received the modest but important scholarship named for a beloved York professor in that field. Dr. Ranis, professor emeritus in Political Science, loved York so much that he wanted to ensure that students in his discipline would continue to have extra incentive to succeed. Ms. Khaydarova, whose family is from Uzbekistan, is now in graduate school at City College and has high praises for her York experience.

"I was advised to apply for this scholarship [by] my former advisor, Professor [Robin] Harper of the Behavioral Sciences Department," said Khaydarova. "I wrote essays, submitted my cover letter, resume, and my unofficial transcript. York College has an amazing Political Science Program with knowledgeable and great Professors. That is why I decided to do my BA at York." Dr. Harper, who is devoted to student mentoring, is delighted with the result.

"From the very first day we met Sayyora she told us about her passion for diplomacy and her dream to enter the consular service," said Harper. "She has always been a wonderful Political Science student. We are thrilled that she won the Peter Ranis award!" 

Congratulations and best wishes to Ms. Khaydarova!