Dr. Margarita Drago Publishes New Book

Dr. Margarita Drago Publishes New Book

Dr. Drago's book, Con la memoria stretta in gola/Con la memoria al ras de la garganta was just published by Officine Ed (Salerno, Italy, 2022).

According to Dr. Drago, Con la memoria stretta in gola (Office Ed., Salerno, Italy, 2022), is a new bilingual edition -- Italian and Spanish -- of the poetry collection.

It is further described, "Con la memoria al ras de la garganta, by the Argentinean poet, narrator and academic Dr. Margarita Drago. The translation and curation was in charge of the Italian poet and translator Brigidina Gentile."

Professor Drago shares an endorsement of her book by a fellow-poet to underscore the import of this new scholarship:

“A work of fascinating poetic flight. The author, who impacted us with Fragmentos de la memoria. Recuerdos de una experiencia carcelaria (1975-1980)/ Memory Tracks. Fragments from Prison (1975-1980), now brings poems of her experience with oppression, the recovery of memory, the search for origin and the desire to establish an axis in the world. Each poem invites the reader to read the next one, in a book that delights with its multiple meanings and the presence of an authentic voice of undeniable poetic quality”. Myrna Nieves, PhD, Puerto Rican poet