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Dr. Drago Featured in 'La voz Internacional’ Interview

The interview was conducted by Dr. Inés Mónica Sarmiento Archer, a cultural activist, poet, and scholar from St. John’s University and Adelphi University, respectively.

In the interview, Professor Drago, whose expertise includes Latin American Literature: Women Writers of the Colonial Period and Bilingual Education,  reflects on her work as a poet, writer, and educator. She is part of York College's World Languages, Literatures and Humanities department and earned her PhD in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures. The article is available at lavozinternacional

More about Dr. Drago: Margarita Drago is originally from Argentina. As an educator, Dr. Drago has taught for several years in the New York City Public School System. Since 1998 she works as Professor of Spanish in the World Languages, Literatures and Humanities Department.  As an ex-political prisoner and writer, she has represented Argentina in congresses in the United States, Brazil, Perú, México, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras, El Salvador, Canada, Spain, and France. Dr. Drago is the author of many books about literature and poetry: Fragmentos de la memoria. Recuerdos de una experiencia carcelaria (1975-1980) (2007), [Memory Tracks. Fragments from Prison (1975-1980) (2007)], which was declared of national and cultural interest by the Honorable National Congress of the Republic of Argentina on 2016. She has also published, Con la memoria al ras de la garganta (2012); Hijas de los vuelos (2016), [Daugthers of Fligth]; Quedó la puerta abierta (2017); Un gato de ojos grandes me mira fijamente (2017); Heme aquí; Con la memoria stretta in gola (2018); Sé vuelo (2017); Sor María de Jesús Tomelín (1579-1637), Concepcionist from Puebla de Los Ángeles: The Fallen Construction of a Saint (2018), and Fragmentos de la memoria. Mi vida en dos batallas (2022).   She also co-authored, Tomamos la palabra: mujeres en la guerra civil de El Salvador (2016).