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York Nursing Students Injecting Excitement on State Exam

For the second time in three years, York College Nursing students have achieved 100 percent first-time pass rate on the NCLEX-RN licensing exam.

The students are exceeding the New York State average of 88% for first-time test-takers and qualifying to start their careers.

"Thirty two York College students took the NCLEX-RN exam [this past spring] and all 32 passed," said Dr. Valerie Taylor-Haslip, Nursing Department chair. "Now students from some other nursing programs are calling us wanting to transfer to York."

The success, according to Dr. Maureen Becker, dean of the School of Health Sciences and Professional Programs, is due not only to the hardworking students' efforts, but to the leadership of Dr. Taylor-Haslip, who literally invested in the students by purchasing test-taking software at no cost [to students] so they can practice for the test along the way; and to the dedicated faculty members who work with them daily.

“We  provided prep software from the first nursing class through the final nursing course" said Dr. Taylor-Haslip. "The software gives us detail in what areas of the curriculum we need to change." Taylor-Haslip also revealed that 100 percent of York Nursing graduates also find employment within the first year after graduating.

Dean Becker is also pleased with the success of the program, which in three years received two 100% pass rates and one 98%.

 “Our students not only learn the Nursing curriculum content,” said Dr. Becker. “They learn how to take exams especially on computers, which prepares them in the short-term for the licensure exam, and in the long-term for a successful Nursing career.”

Congratulations to the Nursing Department and the entire School of Health and Professional Programs!