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Bangladesh Student Association Hosts New Year Celebration

Every year the Bangladesh Student Association (BSA), organizes a celebration for Bengali New Year to represent the Bengali traditions through cultural performances.

Sujaya Roy, Atika Islam Bristi, Tasnim Harun, Fouzia Nusrat, Jenat Fahima.

The purpose of the event is to gather Bengali students and provide them a platform to present their native skills through music, dance and recitation. In addition, it’s an opportunity for York Bengali faculty to network with the students to guide them with necessary resources that are available at York College.

This year’s event took place on May 1 in the Health and Physical Education Complex (HPEC); but contrary to the name of the club, this event is completely inclusive. It is a privilege to gather all the members of the York College community to entertain them with the spirit of Bengal through cultural event and authentic Bengaline cuisine. Overall, the event engaged students to enhance their leadership skills and navigate with other community members to pursue their future goals.

-Sujaya Roy, President, Bangladesh Student Association (BSA) club of York College Chapter