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New to York?

Frequently Asked Questions for students and faculty new to York

Bb says my class is "not currently available." What should I do?
This is a FAQ for the question on what a student should do if the Bb course says (not currently available).

Can’t find your course in Bb?
It takes 24 hours from the time you register in CUNYfirst for your course to show up in Blackboard.

My Call Forwarding
Use this to access call forwarding features remotely

My Courses: When? Where?
Find out when you need to show up for class and where class is held.

My Password
Forgot your Network Account password or need to activate it? Please use this Password Reset tool

Password Policy
This document illustrates what you will see when you log in on your campus Windows-based computer after your password has expired. It also illustrates how you could set a new password and self-service challenge questions.

PC Reservation Status
PC Reservation

Proofpoint End User Digest
Proofpoint provides comprehensive cybersecurity of email messaging systems

VPN Access
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides an encrypted connection between your off-campus computer and the YC campus network.

What is Bb (Blackboard)?
Blackboard, or Bb as we say, is a "Learning Management System" or "LMS" like Google Classroom or PupilPath, it provides a virtual space in which your class can meet: where profs post materials, assignments and tests and where you can interact with them and your classmates.

Where to find Live Bb and Tech support for classes?
Find out where and when to find live! one-on-one support for Bb and Technologies for class.

Wired Connections
All offices on campus have network connections. However, your PC may need to be configured to communicate with college and the Internet.

Wireless Connections
Every wireless device must meet a certain set of requirements in order to connect to York WiFi. In order to ease the transition into the new semester, we strongly suggest that you prepare your Laptop/MAC book/Chrome Book/Tablet/Smart Phone from home before arriving on campus so you will be able to access the York College Wireless Network quickly and easily.

York College Chromebook Support
Access to all chromebook support options

York College Zoom Support
Access to all Zoom support options

York Wireless Network Access - PC/MAC WIFI
Wireless users with laptops, Macbook etc., will be required to download an agent. As the laptop users try to connect to the wireless LAN the agent will be downloaded automatically.

York Wireless Network Access - Android WIFI
How to Configure 802.1X on an Android Device to access York's YCWIFI Wireless Network

York Wireless Network Access - Guest WIFI
York College has two wireless local area networks. One is for all students, faculty, and staff to use and the other is for guests. Here you will find how to gain access to the guest wireless network.