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Tutoring Session

Through collaboration with the entire campus community, MLC endeavors to continually expand tutoring efforts and services to meet the needs of students and enhance their overall learning environment and success. All services offered through MLC are designed to support individual students in their desire to pass their Math classes and thereby achieve their academic goals. It is the goal of the tutor to assist students in developing the learning skills necessary to master academic subject matter.

Students interested in group or 1-to-1 tutoring should contact the center located in Room AC 3E07-C to schedule a session or call 718-262-2710. In order to reserve a tutor for two  hours or more, each group must have at least 4 students. Please be reminded that tutoring group sessions will not be permitted during your math class hour. (Students cannot substitute tutoring sessions for their class.)

Group: This is limited from 2 to 3 hours

One-to-one: This is limited from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Other resources: Smart Board, Desktop & Laptop (Programs: SPSS, Mathematica, Maple, Course Compass and Hawks System for Precalculus) and calculators.

Final Review workshops: The center offers different workshops at the end of the semester for the following Math 104, 111, 115120121 and 122.

Final Review materials: The center offers a variety of material to prepare students for their final exams. Please, go to the following link, finals material in our home page.