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Rules and Regulations

Math Learning Center Rules and Regulations

The Math Learning Center staff are committed to providing a professional environment to our students. Our staff will treat you with courtesy, respect and dignity. Everyone who is seeking information about our services is welcome, unfortunately, tutoring and use of our facility is only reserved for York College registered students. In order to provide better services, it is important for everyone to follow our Rules & Regulations. All York College students who violate the following rules will be barred from the MLC facility for the remainder of the semester.

MLC Rules

When students and staff are using the center:

  • Must sign in at the front desk before using the facility.
  • Must present a valid York College ID card in order to utilize our facility and resources.
  • May not bring food .
  • Must conduct themselves in an orderly fashion so as not to disturb others who are working and/or study in the facility.
  • Should be considerate of others when speaking with tutors, staff and students.
  • Must not leave their belongings unattended; we are not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  • Should return their chairs to their proper position.
  • Must have cellular phones turned off while in the lab.
  • Must not remove MLC equipment or material from the Center

Computer & Laptop Rules

When students and staff are using our computer, laptop or other resources:

  • Must not install or modify any software packages or files on the computers & laptops.
  • Must only use only one computer or laptop.
  • May not reserved computer and laptop.
  • Must not reboot, turn off, or tamper with any computer.
  • Must not play games, surf social network pages or make internet purchases on any of the MLC computers & Laptop. MLC computer & laptop are for academic use ONLY.
  • Must only save course material in your share drive or USB. All material saved in any other location will be deleted.