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New Hire Healthcare Bulletin

Effective July 1, 2019, new employees to the City University of New York will only be eligible to enroll in the Emblem Health HIP HMO Preferred Plan.

Attention All New Hires – Effective July 1, 2019

Enrollment in HIP HMO Preferred Plan

The City of New York employees and their eligible dependents hired on or after July 1, 2019 will only be eligible to enroll in the Emblem Health HIP HMO Preferred Plan. Employees must remain in the HIP HMO Plan for the first year (365 days) of employment. 

After the 365 days, the employee can remain in HIP HMO or select a different health plan within 30 days of their one-year anniversary.  The new health plan will be effective on the 366th day. Only after 365th day can an employee participate in the annual fall Transfer Period. 

There are a few exceptions to this requirement that may allow the employee to choose coverage of their choice at their start date, If the employee is living outside of the HIP HMO service area (New York City, parts of the tri-state area), the employee may elect an alternate plan of their choice. Please access the link below to identify the service area. Also if the new employee or eligible dependent is being treated by a non-network provider for a life-threatening or disabling disease and is receiving ongoing treatment or requires complex case management, he or she may elect a plan of their choice. Finally, a new CUNY employee with prior city service can be exempt from the HIP HMO requirement, if OLR can verify the prior employment.

An employee who needs to request an exemption from enrolling in the HIP HMO Preferred HMO Plan can submit a HIP HMO Opt-Out Request Form from the Emblem website. The employee or eligible dependent must meet certain criteria and the request must be approved by EmblemHealth before it is granted.

Please contact the York College Benefits Specialist with any questions or concerns at extension 2135.

HIP HMO Service Areas: