Strategic Initiatives Fund Application

Provide a brief description of the final product of the proposed activities.
Describe the project’s activities, the number of faculty and/or staff involved, the number of students impacted, and how the project will advance the College’s Strategic Goals and Objectives.
Identify one or more quantitative outcomes. What is the current situation, and what do you project it will be after one year of funding? (e.g., increased course completion, number of students involved, number of events and attendance at events, etc.) In addition, indicate your progress, whether you met your targets, and findings.
Describe the order in which you will do things and when you anticipate them happening.
Explain whether this will be a one-time or ongoing request if the College contributes to the project's cost, and if so, how much and, if denied, how will the project be impacted?
List faculty, staff, title salary and allocated hours
(Contact the Business Office for assistance.) *The fringe rate will be determined according to whether the project personnel are current York College employees. If so, the applicable fringe rate will apply. If the personnel to be hired are not current employees, the fringe rate will be the current average for their classification as full-time, EA, or other employees.