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Clinical Laboratory Science (BS) Program Assessment


The Clinical Laboratory Science Program at York College has been structured to provide students with an education that encompasses liberal arts and basic science requirements. It is our mission to prepare students to become competent clinical laboratory scientists with knowledge, skills, and attitudes assumed by professionals as members of the health care team.


  • Have students develop a personal philosophy incorporating legal and ethical standards that govern the practice and management of a diagnostic laboratory.
  • Have students graduate with cognitive and psychomotor skills that will allow them to become responsible professionals as they perform laboratory procedures with precision and accuracy and complete their studies with distinct entry-level competencies.
  • Prepare students to work in large institutions, point of care testing sites and research laboratories as a knowledgeable member of the healthcare team.
  • Prepare students with critical thinking skills to develop and assess research projects, including the math skills to present, interpret and evaluate project data and statistics.
  • Provide students with appropriate courses and internship training to succeed on the NYS licensing and national certification exams.

The Clinical Laboratory Science (BS) Program is part of the school of Health Sciences and Professional Programs, Health Professions Department