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Studio Art (BA) Program Assessment


The Studio Art program is designed to help students acquire and achieve comprehension of the fundamental knowledge and skills of art production as well as an understanding of art history. Studio Art also encourages students to develop analytical and expressive skills in addition to discovering creative solutions to problem solving. Students will be required to produce a professional portfolio of their work upon completion of the program. After completing their B.A degree, students can pursue their research and creative artwork at the graduate level. Students will also be well situated for employment in many art institutions, galleries, and educational organizations.


  • Students will be able to implement the principles and elements of design into their studio foundation practice.
  • Students will explore and develop the understanding of contemporary art issues through creative problem solving.
  • Students will learn to incorporate Art Historical trends and movements into their creative thinking and art practice.
  • Through various disciplines, student will apply the materials, techniques, and media of multiple studio practices.

The Studio Art (BA) Program is part of the school of Arts and Sciences, Performing and Fine Arts Department