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Music (BA) Program Assessment


The York College music program enables students to a wider understanding of music-making in their environments, throughout history, and around the globe. Students in the program connect their musical background with a variety of music through performance, analysis, composition, and production. Graduates of the program will be effective musical leaders, performers, producers, and educators who can then apply their acquired skills in their chosen musical endeavors.


  • Analyze music, both aurally and visually, in order to recognize, interpret, and create musical structures across different genres.
  • Demonstrate foundational skills in performing on the piano and performing as part of an ensemble.
  • Develop a foundational understanding of the evolution of music making in the Western classical traditions, as well as an alternative history of music making in non-Western and popular music traditions.

The Music (BA) Program is part of the school of Arts and Sciences, Performing and Fine Arts Department