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Anthropology (BA) Program Assessment


The Anthropology faculty seeks to promote and develop the methodological, conceptual, and professional skills in anthropology that will help students study, understand, and work in fields related to education, law, business, or health. Anthropology is a comprehensive science of humankind, concerned with a comparative and holistic approach to the study of human society and culture. The Anthropology program emphasizes an applied anthropological approach so that students can skillfully use theories and methods to address the pressing issues of our contemporary era. The primary goal of the Anthropology program is to provide students with methodological, conceptual, and professional skills that will help them work in fields related to education, law, business, or health. A secondary goal is to prepare students for graduate studies in cultural anthropology. The courses that make up the Anthropology major and minors present basic concepts in cultural anthropology, ethnographic methods, statistical research skills, along with higher-level content courses. The core of the Anthropology minor provides solid methodological training that students can use in conjunction with work in the aforementioned fields.


  • To evaluate observed behavior and develop a valid analysis through ethnographic writing
  • To understand the basic aspects of the structure of all human societies and the purpose of culture in human adaptation
  • To understand the key methods of Anthropology

The Anthropology (BA) Program is part of the school of Arts and Sciences, History, Philosophy, and Anthropology Department