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Journalism (BA) Program Assessment


BA in Journalism The Journalism Major aims to give students the broad range of knowledge, skills, and techniques needed to succeed as journalists in print, broadcast and online media. We aim to prepare students to work in digital media and more sensitive local news coverage without ignoring the heightened demand for strong, traditional journalistic writing and reporting practices. We teach our students to navigate the complex legal, ethical, and cultural issues involved in reporting the news. Our journalism offerings help students to sharpen the analytical and critical thinking skills that they need to effectively evaluate news and societal issues for their audiences. Our goal is to provide students with the journalistic skills and training to enrich their community, nation, and the world. The Journalism Minor The Journalism Minor is designed to encourage students who have an interest in media and journalism, but are majoring in other areas, to pursue these fields while at York. The Minor offers coursework in three concentrations: Newswriting & Reporting, Broadcast Journalism, and Book & Magazine Publishing. Work on a York College publication is required.


  • Critical Thinking: Students will determine what constitutes balanced reporting in particular cases, based on analysis of a particular news situation.
  • Genres and Roles: Students will learn to fit into a newsroom environment, learning to work with a news team.
  • Interviewing: Students will show facility in multiple types of interview situations
  • Research and Reporting: Students will work as autonomous reporters.
  • Understanding News Values: Students will apply and prioritize "news values" concepts in a professional environment such that they fit a news organization's mission, style and guidance.
  • Writing and Editing: Students will distinguish between clean writing and writing which is in need of further revision.

The Journalism (BA) Program is part of the school of Arts and Sciences, English Department