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Geology (BS) Program Assessment


Geology is a dynamic discipline, intimately related to the proper management of earth resources and the human environment. The program prepares the student to function upon graduation as a professional geologist or to continue studies at the graduate level. In addition, geology majors may prepare for careers as high-school science teachers or as specialists in the field of environmental protection. Knowledge of the earth has assumed critical importance because of the imminent depletion of many natural resources and the rapid deterioration of the physical environment. Demand for fossil fuels, metals, and industrial minerals, and the development of alternative sources of energy; have opened excellent job opportunities for graduates with a Geology degree. In addition, Federal and State environmental regulations are requiring more geological information than ever before. Oil and mining companies, consulting firms, federal, state and city agencies employ our graduates at present. The objectives of the geology curriculum are to provide the student with a scientific understanding of earth materials, their properties, arrangement, and distribution, as well as the dynamic processes that affect them; the historical dimension of the earth and its inhabitants, the evolutionary processes that shaped them; the geologists role in the proper planning for use of earth resources and the maintenance of the quality of the environment.


  • Assess geosciences content knowledge as applied to their own continuing education and professional development.
  • Demonstrate an overall comprehension of geological principles, facts, and concepts.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in routinely-used geoscience laboratory and field techniques.
  • Disseminate geoscience-related information to the community (non-scientific audiences) and generate scientific awareness.
  • Successfully integrate geoscience content knowledge and skills with respect to the societal context in which these knowledge and skills will be applied.

The Geology (BS) Program is part of the school of Arts and Sciences, Earth and Physical Sciences Department