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Environmental Health Science (BS) Program Assessment


The Environmental Health Science Program at York College is designed to prepare the students for careers in environmental health and environmental related industries, graduate work, and lifelong learning. The program provides students with: A broad background in environmental and occupational health and safety. The technical and administrative skills to function in industry, governmental agencies, consulting firms, and academia. Transformational laboratory and field research on major environmental health threats and opportunities of today and tomorrow.


  • Advance the capacity to read, critically evaluate, and present gained research results in public seminars.
  • Identify, characterize, and monitor health outcomes and environmental exposures to guide actions that protect and promote environmental health.
  • Implement environmental health educations to enhance understanding on the direct and indirect human, ecological and safety effects of major environmental and occupational agents.
  • Prepare for recognizing the most critical, modern-day environmental/public health issues and to respond to the challenge and responsibility of the problems including chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear incidents; natural disasters; and extreme weather events.
  • Prepare to develop an awareness of the global ecology and a sense of responsibility to self, community and society.
  • Provide advanced technical experiences in the use of sophisticated and state-of-the-art instrumentation/tools in environmental health science field.

The Environmental Health Science (BS) Program is part of the school of Arts and Sciences, Earth and Physical Sciences Department