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Math/CS Club Talk: Using Ranked Choice Voting in NYC



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Lidia Gonzalez

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All are welcomed.
You do NOT need to be a math or cs major to attend.

Join us for a math/cs club talk on ranked choice voting in NYC.

Dr. Malkevitch presents this talk.

Abstract: The winner of the Democratic Primary for Mayor in NYC usually goes on to win the election as mayor in the general election that follows. In 2021for the first time in recent history the Democratic Party in NYC used a new kind of ballot and a new system for counting those ballots to decide the winner, rather than using a vote for your favorite candidate ballot and the votes counted by using plurality voting. The coverage of the primary by the press and television indicated many misunderstandings suggesting that the general public may have been equally confused. Eric Adams won the primary and the election that followed.

Join us on Zoom