Deadline for Free Pre-Law Program CLEO: College Scholars Program


Fordham University School of Law New York, New York.

All College Students

The Ultimate Preparation to Help You Become a More Competitive Law School Applicant! Designed to identify, motivate and prepare students for a career in the legal profession.

Committed students can learn how to successfully navigate the law school admission process and underwrite their success in law school by participating in the College Scholars program.

For Freshmen: The Road To Law School seminar aims to provide Freshmen with an overview of the key components of the law school application process.

For Sophomores: The Sophomore Super Saturdays seminar aims to help students further develop logical reasoning, reading comprehension, and writing skills - the skills needed to become a competitive law school applicant.

For Juniors, Seniors/Post Graduates: Juniors Jumpstart the LSAT seminar aims to help participants understand the importance of systematic and timely preparation for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Accordingly, juniors will be granted priority enrollment for the seminar

CLEO is a non-profit organization. Since 1968, CLEO has helped more than 7,000 low-income and minority students become successful members of the legal profession. The College Scholars Program seeks to continue this standard of excellence through a collaborative effort between CLEO and colleges and universities throughout the United States.