Through collaboration with the entire campus community, Math Learning Center endeavors to continually expand tutoring efforts and services to meet the needs of students and enhance their overall learning environment and success. All services offered through MLC are designed to support individual students in their desire to pass their Math classes and thereby achieve their academic goals. It is the goal of the tutor to assist students in developing the learning skills necessary to master academic subject matter.

Books for the following math102104111115119120121122210, 211,223225271333 and CS 172 and 291.

Fundamentals of Precalculus (Graphing calculator manual)

Elementary Statistics (Student Solutions manual) 2nd ed.

Essentials of Statistics (Instructors Solutions manual)

Mathematics with Applications and Finite Mathematics (Students Solutions Manual)

Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers (Instructors research and Solutions Manual)

The Students Introduction to Mathematica

Mathematics with Applications

Mathematics with Applications

Thomas Calculus Vol.1

Thomas Calculus Vol.1

Single Variable (Students solutions manual)

Thomas Calculus Vol.2

Calculus 5th ed.

Calculus 6th ed.

Calculus 6th ed.

Calculus of a single variable

Thomas Calculus Vol.2

Pre Calculus

Pre Calculus (Instructors Edition)

Discrete Mathematics 4th ed.

Discrete Mathematics 5th ed.

Elementary Statistics 4th ed.

Elementary Statistics 2nd ed.

History of Mathematics 7th ed.

Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers 4th ed.

Mathematics with Applications (Instructors Manual) 10th ed.

Intermediate Algebra 3rd ed.

College Algebra (Instructors Manual) 10th ed.

Elementary Statistics 11th ed.

Elementary statistics 4th ed.

Elementary Statistics 2nd ed.

Fundamentals of Differential Equations 5th ed.

Differential Equations (Instructors Manual) 2nd ed.

A First Course in Differential Equations 6th ed.

Mathematics with applications (Students Solutions Manual) 7th ed.

Pre Calculus (Student Solutions Manual) 5th ed.

Pre Calculus (Students Study Guide) 3rd ed.

Elementary Statistics (Instructors Manual) 4th ed.

College Algebra (Students Solution Manual) 10th ed.

Pre Calculus (Students Solution Manual)

Mathematics with Applications 10th ed.


A First Course in Discrete Mathematics

Maple V by example

Pre Calculus –Sisson

Elementary Statistics 4th ed.

Thomas Calculus 12th ed. –Pearson

Thomas Calculus 12th ed. –Hass

Thomas Calculus Vol.1 – Hass

Pre Calculus (Instructors Edition)

College Algebra –York

Pre Calculus

Mathematics with Applications

Programming and Problem Solving  with C++

C++ An introduction to computing

Elementary Statistics 7th ed.

Discrete Mathematics and its Applications

Intermediate Algebra

Discrete Mathematics 3rd ed.

College Algebra 6th ed.

Elementary Statistics 4th ed.

Discrete Mathematics 2nd ed.

Complex Variables

Mathematica 2nd ed.

Calculus (Complete Solutions Guide) Vol.1

Calculus (Complete Solutions Guide) Vol.2

Calculus (Complete Solutions Guide) Vol.3

Mathematics with Applications 8th ed.